Top 10 All-Time Biggest Sixes in Cricket

The Biggest Sixes scored by the batters on the crease are among the most exhilarating moments on the cricket pitch. It makes no difference to the viewers whether it’s a modest sixer or a massive sixer once the ball starts to fly. It’s always a better deal when the ball goes incredibly far and high. For spectators watching the game, seconds seem like an eternity as they wonder how high and long the ball will fly, whether it will land in the palms of a fielder or go straight into the gallery. Cricket fans might become cricket addicts because of the suspense that builds up in those fractions of a second. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most powerful sixes in cricket history.

The information and statistics accessible in the cricket world in 2022 were used to compile this top ten list of the biggest sixes.

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1. Albert Trott (160+ meters)

Albert Trott is number one on the list of cricketers who have hit the top ten biggest sixes of all time. On an international level, he represented both England and Australia. That was only conceivable in the 1900s when he was playing.

In a match between England and Australia, he established the record for the biggest sixer in cricket! His 160-meter sixer even cleared the Lord’s Pavilion!

2. Shahid Afridi (158 meters)

Shahid Afridi’s 158-meter strike in 2013 is ranked second on the list of the greatest sixes in cricket history. It was an away match between Pakistan and the West Indies.

Afridi, then known as Boom Boom Afridi and the King of Sixes, accepted the delivery and immediately sent it onto the next golf course. And that turned into the biggest six ever in cricket history! It was a fantastic six!

3. Brett Lee (135+ meters)

Brett Lee, Australia’s incredibly skilled bowler and the second quickest bowler in history, blasted one of the top ten biggest sixes ever in a T-20 match against the West Indies. Rovman Powell’s delivery found its way into the palms of the Australian heartthrob.

4. Jacob Oram (130+ meters)

Jacob Oram of New Zealand has moved up to fourth place on the list of players who have struck the top ten largest sixes of all time. In a One Day International match against Australia in 2006, he hit one of the longest sixes of all time with a 130-meter shot.

5. Yuvraj Singh (125 meters)

Yuvraj Singh, one of India’s most famous batsmen, is known for his big hits and stunning on-field antics. When he hit an unbelievable six during a Twenty-20 World Cup match against Australia in September 2007, he earned a spot in the top ten list of cricketers who have hit the top ten greatest sixes.

6. Mark Waugh (120 meters)

Mark Waugh, Australia’s most famous and gifted batsman, was recognized for his graceful batting style. He also made it onto the list of cricketers who have hit the biggest sixers in the game’s history.

7. MS Dhoni (118 meters)

MS Dhoni, India’s trusty batsman and one of the country’s most successful captains, has always been recognized for his spectacular shots, particularly helicopter shots. Dhoni, one of the most successful wicketkeeper-batsman in recent cricket history, has scored some of the most visually appealing sixes.

He smashed a massive 118-meter six during India’s tour of New Zealand in March 2009. He hit a magnificent shot that astonished everyone, and he didn’t even turn around to look at the ball afterward! That’s self-assurance!

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8. Shahid Afridi (117 meters)

Boom Boom Afridi appears twice on this list, which is unsurprising. After all, the Pakistani batsman was famed for his aggressive batting, having produced one of the fastest One-Day International hundreds of all time with a 37-ball century.

9. Chris Gayle And Corey Anderson (116 meters)

Chris Gayle of the West Indies and Corey Anderson of New Zealand share the record for the ninth-largest sixer ever recorded in cricket. Gayle hit his greatest sixer at the World Twenty20 event in Bridgetown in 2010. Gayle is the second-best six-hitter in international cricket history, after only Shahid Afridi.

Afridi was on the crease in Perth in January 2005, defending Pakistan against Australia, when he turned a delivery into a 117-meter sixer, causing the stadium to scream in glee and exhilaration.

10. Ijaz Ahmed (115 meters)

Ijaz Ahmed of Pakistan put on some incredible performances on the cricket pitch. He may have been a quiet batsman, but with a stunning 115-meter sixer, he managed to draw attention to himself and his batting style “inputs from”.

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