All-Time Cricket’s Top Five Best Finishers

Cricket is a game of strategy, luck, and technique. Cricket fans find their favorite sport to be interesting and exhilarating because it is often unpredictable. Players are continuously trying to surprise the audience with their specialty performances. We’ll go over the top cricket finishers in this article. With their outstanding performances, these great players never cease to astonish and thrill the fans.

Cricket is India’s most popular sport without a doubt. It is, however, equally among the most popular sports on the planet. And this sport has produced some of the game’s best finishers. So there you have it!

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MS Dhoni – India

When it came to approaching a run-chase, Dhoni was the picture of composure. The man was fully confident in his talents, and at his height, he was capable of pulling off a near-death run-chase. Clint McKay was demolished in Adelaide in 2012, while Suranga Lakmal was slain in the final over of the tri-series final in 2013.

Even if his hitting has declined over the last 2-to 3 years, Dhoni has found a way to get his team over the finish line in mediocre run chases and is regarded as the world’s top wicketkeeper-batsman. He flourished in situations when he was able to push the game to its limits.

AB De Villiers – South Africa

After MS Dhoni, AB De Villiers is set to lead the pack in terms of finishers. However, it is during the game’s dying overs that his true batting skill is revealed. This batsman is one of South Africa’s most dynamic batsmen, with an uncanny ability to bring games to a profitable conclusion. He hit an unbeaten 102 off just 59 balls in Ahmedabad, the seventh-fastest century in ODI cricket.

AB is regarded as a skilled run chaser and one of cricket’s best finishers. In one-day internationals, he holds the marks for the fastest fifty (16 balls), fastest hundred (31 balls), and fastest hundred and fifty (62 balls). His batting style has given him the moniker “MR.360.” He can score from any position on the field.

Abdul Razzaq – Pakistan

Abdul Razzaq is one of Pakistan’s sportsmen who has taken part in some unusual contests. In cricket, he is one of their greatest finishers. The long-range shooting ability of Razzaq was excellent.

It earned him a reputation and a spot on the list of top finishers as one of the best ODI innings of all time. Abdul Razzak was noted for smashing cricket balls while playing for Pakistan between 1999 and 2013. He also holds the record for the most sixes in an ODI contest.

Shahid Afridi – Pakistan

Shahid Afridi, sometimes known as Boom Boom, is a Pakistani one-day international cricketer who rose to prominence as a hard-hitting batsman and finisher. He couldn’t be stopped as he dispatched the bowler seemingly out of nowhere. He won a lot of matches for Pakistan because of his superb finishing ability. Afridi would sometimes delay the start of a game until the pavilion was re-opened.

He played one of the most memorable innings in cricket history against India at the Asia Cup, when he blasted two consecutive sixes off Ashwin to put Pakitan over the line, cementing his reputation as one of the best finishers in the game.

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Michael Bevan – Australia

Without a question, cricket is India’s most popular sport. Because of this tendency, he was dubbed “The Finisher.” In 1996 and 1999, Australia won two of its three World Cup finals. Despite the fact that Bevan’s test career was cut short before it began, he went on to become one of the most influential players in one-day internationals. In December 2002, the Wisden Guide named Bevan the fifth-greatest one-day international batsman of all time.

In 1994, Bevan made his One-Day International debut in Sharjah against Sri Lanka. He did not have to bat in his debut game. Despite this, he was an important member of the team for the next few games, appearing in a number of pivotal moments. After making his test debut against Pakistan, he made his first important contribution.


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