Top 10 Memorable Events in Cricket History

The year 2019 marks the end of the decade (2010-2019) Memorable Events in Cricket History, not just the year. Records were set during the decade, but there were also some horrible incidents in cricket. Three World Cups, four World T20s, two Champions Trophies, and the first-ever Test Championship all occurred in the ten years between 2010 and 2019.

With so many records being set and broken, and so many teams playing an enormous number of games each year, it is never simple to narrow down the greatest moments. Nevertheless, we have narrowed the list to the Top 10 Moments a decade in cricket, much alone a year. These are some of the most enduring events that have ever taken place in cricket history.

1. First ODI Double Century: 

On February 24, 2010, Gwalior and the rest of the globe witnessed history being made. In addition to being the first batter to ever do so in an ODI, Sachin Tendulkar also made history (One Day International). In the final over of his inning against South Africa in a bilateral series, Sachin Tendulkar scored 200*. However, Belinda Clark of Australia was the first cricketer and the first batswoman to achieve a double century in 1997, hence he wasn’t the first player to do so.

But no player had ever scored a double century in men’s cricket before; although several players came close, nobody quite managed to break the tie and advance. Three of the seven double centuries that have been scored since that day have come from Rohit Sharma’s bat.

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2. Dhoni Finishes Off In Style 

April 2, 2011: Winning the World Cup is no simple task. India went on to win its second World Cup on April 2, 2011, making history by becoming the first team to accomplish so while hosting the event. Yuvraj Singh, the “Player of the Tournament,” gave it his best despite battling cancer.

No player deserved the honor more than Tendulkar, who managed to hold almost all of the major records. He was denied a World Cup championship, however. When M S Dhoni hit a six in spectacular fashion to end the chase at the Wankhede stadium, Tendulkar and team India won the 2011 World Cup. To celebrate India’s enormous accomplishment, the entire nation turned out, including members of the general public, VIPs, and Bollywood stars.

3. English Victory In India

2012’s November/December: Arguably the best Test series victory in a road series in the last ten years. After nearly 30 years, England finally defeated India in a Test series. However, this still stands as the only Test series India has lost in India in 2019, whereas other teams have at least lost two series at home. India’s second series loss came in 2019 when they lost to Australia.

England was behind 0-1 after the first test match in Ahmedabad, but at Wankhede, Kevin Pietersen scored 186, and Swann and Panesar claimed 19 of the series’ 20 wickets, earning the series a spot on the list. In order to win their first Test series against India in India since 1984–85, England won the third test in Kolkata and then earned a draw in the fourth test in Nagpur.

4. The Cricket God 16 November 2013 Retires:

This was the day that Sachin Tendulkar’s illustrious career came to an end; he played in Mumbai and registered a respectable 74 runs on the scoreboard. The entire cricketing world was moved to tears.

In addition to bringing tears to his and his family’s eyes, Tendulkar’s farewell speech also brought tears to the eyes of those listening and watching him on his final day, knowing that there would no longer be any hope for Indian fans to believe that Tendulkar was still on the crease or had yet to come out and bat. When he retired, he still retains the record for the most Test and ODI appearances, hundreds, half-centuries, runs, and many more records.

5. A Player Dropped

From November 25 to November 27, 2014, the entire cricket world converged. Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes was playing a domestic match when he was struck by a bouncer on November 25, 2014, and was then airlifted to the hospital. Fans of other sports, in addition to cricket, prayed for his quick recovery. But on the 27th of the same month, Hughes passed away from his wound.

The impact of the news of his death was so great that a Test match between Pakistan and New Zealand that was taking place in Sharjah was postponed for one day. People paid their respects, and the hashtag #PutOutYourBats became popular on social media sites.

6. The Year Day-Night Test 

27 November 2015: On the inaugural anniversary of Phillip Hughes’ passing, New Zealand and Australia played in the first Day-Night Test at Adelaide Oval. Australians are renowned for their innovations in cricket as well as for ruling the cricketing world.

Australians introduced Snickometer into the game, and they also developed color kits, Hotspot, DRS, and the idea of Day-Night games. And in order to attract more spectators to the Test Matches, Australia introduced the Pink Ball Test in 2015. The first Day-Night Pink Ball Test match was played by India in Kolkata in 2019.

7. The Team in Maroon’s Records 

3rd April 2016: India hosted the T20I World Cup in 2016, and just as West Indies became the first team to win the ODI World Cup twice (1975 and 79), in 2016 it also became the first team to win two T20I World Cups. The victory over England at Eden Gardens was secured by Braithwaite’s four successive sixes in the final over. Being the first team to win both the Men’s and Women’s T20 World Cups, the Caribbean team had a fantastic year. West Indies additionally triumphed in the U-19 World Cup.

8. Pakistan’s Champions Trophy, 

18 June 2017: Pakistan was the final team to qualify for the Champions Trophy in 2017, and the same team was able to make the finals at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. England vs. Australia match is not even close to how eagerly awaited an India-Pakistan encounter is, and there is nothing quite like it when they face off in the Finals.

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9. The Sandpaper Ball Tampering 

 March 24, 2018: This date is remembered as the most scandalous in recent cricketing history. The reputation of the sport had already been damaged by the Match-Fixing allegations, but on the third day of the third test match, after lunch, Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft, and David Warner have discovered tampering with the ball in Cape Town using sandpaper (which is used to maintain the bat).

10. The Inventors win the World Cup 

on July 14, 2019: This was likely the greatest match in the annals of cricket, not only ODIs. At this point, the World Cup Final was deadlocked and the victor would be determined by a Super Over, which likewise resulted in a draw. Due to their superior number of boundaries scored over New Zealand, England won the game by the boundary rule.