Top five goalkeeper scorers in world football

Jorge Campos Navarrete, a former goalkeeper for a Mexican football team, was born on October 15, 1966.

The Goalkeeper’s Life

Goalkeepers play a unique position on their team. They are the only ones in football who are permitted to use their hands. Since the goalkeepers’ jerseys are typically a different color from their teammates’, it is simple to identify who they are.

They have one of the most important responsibilities in the game of football. They serve as the final line of defense to stop the other team from scoring. It’s a position that is genuinely undervalued and underappreciated. There is typically no sympathy when a goalkeeper makes a mistake.

Goalkeepers occasionally score goals even though their role is to keep the ball away from the goal and their location is the furthest from the goal of the opposing side. The show that ensues is rather impressive. Here are five goalkeepers who have scored at least ten goals.

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5. Jose Rene Higuita

Former Colombian professional footballer Jose Rene Higuita Zapata. He is a native of Medellin, Colombia, where he was born on August 27, 1966. He was a goalkeeper known as “El Loco” (The Madman) for his reckless behavior and quirkiness. Right-handed Higuita played the game.

In 2009, he received the Golden Foot Legends Award, and the IFFHS ranked him as the eighth-best goalkeeper in South American history.

League Career

The two most prominent clubs Higuita has played for during his career are Atletico Nacional and Real Valladolid.


Along with winning the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Interamericana, he won the Colombian League twice with Atletico Nacional.


Higuita first declared retirement in 2007, but he later came out of it to play for Guaros de Lara FC of Venezuela. In January 2010, he officially retired.

He has served as a goalkeeping coach for teams like Real Valladolid and Al Nassr FC of Saudi Arabia since his retirement.

4. Johnny Vegas 

Peruvian nationality;

career spans 1997–2017

Career Goals: 45 

With 45 goals to his credit, Johnny Vegas was the top goalkeeper in Peru. He scored four goals in Peru’s second division, one goal in the South American Cup, and 40 goals in the country’s top division.

Vegas has scored 6 free-kick goals, 9 goals from outside the penalty area, and 30 goals from the spot. Because of this, he is in fact an expert set piece. Even though he wasn’t the most well-known player, Vegas scored more goals than other outfielders.

3. Jorge Campos

Campos was a well-known player for Mexico in the 1990s and the early 2000s. He was a quirky player who was well-known for his constant play outside the penalty area, frequently acting as a sweeper-keeper, as well as his acrobatic, risky, and flamboyant style of goalkeeping and his flashy playing attire. His greatest assets as a goalkeeper were his leaping prowess, athleticism, quickness when rushing off his line, and defense organization skills, which helped him overcome his diminutive frame. One of his generation’s top goalkeepers, he was highly regarded.

Campos was also a capable striker, which is a unique instance of versatility in football that isn’t often seen in today’s games. Sometimes, mostly at the club level, he would start a game in goal and go upfield later in the contest. He finished his career with 35 goals, scoring all but one of them while a player for UNAM. His signature, self-created colorful kits increased his fame.

Club career

Campos, an Acapulco native, began his professional career in 1988 in Mexico with Pumas. Adolfo Roses was the team’s starting goalkeeper at the time, thus Campos requested to be utilized as a striker in order to get first-team opportunities. He had a standout rookie season, scoring 14 goals and challenging for the top goal scorer honors. He rose to the role of starting goalkeeper in the succeeding seasons, helping Pumas win the 1990–91 title.

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2. Jose Luis Chilavert

While playing with Vélez Sarsfield, Chilavert won 12 club championships, including the 1994 Copa Libertadores and the 1994 Intercontinental Cup. He is also a three-time IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper Award winner. In his prime, Chilavert was regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, a quick and agile shot-stopper who was also well-known for his leadership, courage, and goalkeeping prowess. In addition to his goalkeeping duties, Chilavert was also well-known for his outfield prowess, expertise with free kicks, and willingness to take penalties. In his professional career, he scored 67 goals, eight of them in international competitions, several of them vital. While Paraguay was advancing to the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he scored four goals for his country.

Between 1989 and 2003, Chilavert made 74 appearances for the Paraguayan national football team, scoring 8 goals and participating in five important tournaments. Chilavert represented Paraguay in two FIFA World Cup competitions (1998 and 2002), acting as captain on both occasions. He also participated in three Copa América competitions (1991, 1993, and 1997).

From 1989 to 2003, Chilavert played 74 times for the Paraguayan national football team, making five appearances at major tournaments and scoring 8 goals. Chilavert represented Paraguay in three Copa América competitions and two FIFA World Cup competitions (1998 and 2002), both of which he captained.

Club career

Having been schooled by Modesto Sandoval at Sportivo Luqueo, Chilavert made his professional football debut there. He initially participated in the national Paraguayan team competition in 1989. required citation

Later on, he relocated to Spain and joined Real Zaragoza to play football. Chilavert said in 1988, when he was a Real Zaragoza player, “When he would enter the field with the ball at his feet and the crowd would yell at him to return to goal, the fans would go crazy. I never gave what other people were saying any thought. Just my skills are all I have. Later, I began to practice free kicks and penalties until I was actually given the position “. Chilavert acknowledged that after training, he lingered behind to practice 80 to 120.

He is acknowledged by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics as the goalie who has scored the most goals in football history and is regarded as one of the all-time greatest Brazilian goalkeepers[2]. [3] [4] He was regarded as one of the top goalkeepers in the world from 2005 to 2008 when his career peaked.

1. Rogerio Ceni

He is recognized by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics as the goalie who has scored the most goals in football history and is one of the all-time greatest Brazilian goalkeepers.

He was regarded as one of the top goalkeepers in the world from 2005 to 2008 when his career was at its peak.

Brazilian nationality

Lifetime: 1990–2015

Career objectives: 131

clubs included: Sao Paulo

The goalkeeper with the most goals in the world is Rogerio Ceni. He is a one-club man and one of the best goalkeepers of all time (he played for Sao Paulo for his entire career).

According to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics, Ceni has scored more goals than any other goalkeeper in history. Throughout his playing career, he scored 131 goals. That is a significant increase from second place on this list.

With Sao Paulo, Ceni was renowned for being the primary set-piece taker. He has been given 61 free kicks and 69 penalties. He is the second goalkeeper in the world to have scored a hat-trick and owns the record for club goals.