Top 7 players in successful T20I chases who remained unbeaten

A difficult task in the game of cricket T20I chases is chasing a target. Particularly in ODI and T20I cricket, the side batting second must always pursue the target in order to win; if they are unable to do so, they lose.

Batsmen only have to play 20 overs in T20I cricket, therefore chasing is less taxing than it is in ODIs. In 50-over cricket, batsmen are required to bat for a fairly long time and endure pressure for 50 overs while pursuing a target.

In previous ODIs, there have been certain batsmen who have performed fantastically while chasing goals. These players excelled at handling the strain of batting while pursuing goals, producing numerous memorable hits for their teams while achieving the goal.

In many of these games, they also managed to stay unbeaten and taste victory thanks to their outstanding knocks. The top 7 players with the most not-outs in successful ODI run chases are examined in this listicle.

A batsman’s ability to remain in the game and score the winning runs for his team is unequaled. Talent is the ability to stay in during successful run chases. Not all players are adept at maintaining their cool during run chases, but some of them are. On that topic, let’s take a look at five players who have dominated successful chases in the game’s shortest format:

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30- Virat Kohli

The fifth slot on this list goes to Indian captain Virat Kohli, who has not been knocked out 30 times in successful ODI run chases. The right-handed batsman has scored 2501 runs in these 30 games, including 12 hundred and 11 half-centuries.

With a strike rate of 107+ and an unblemished record in 50-over cricket run chases, Kohli has achieved incredible feats. The 32-year-old batsman’s undefeated 154 runs, which he scored in a match against New Zealand in October 2016 while successfully chasing the 286-run mark, are his highest score in successful ODI chases.

31- Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting, a former cricketer for Australia, is ranked fourth on this list. The former Australian captain has played unbeaten innings 31 times in victorious ODI chases. The right-handed hitter scores 1765 runs in these games. During these 31 games, Ponting batted at a strike rate of 86.40 and smashed 4 hundred and 10 half-centuries.

In a match against Pakistan in November 1998, he scored an unbeaten 124 runs, which is his best score in a successful run chase in 50-over cricket. Ponting scored an undefeated century to help his team defeat Pakistan in the encounter as they chased a 316-run total.

32 Inzamam-Ul-Haq

Inzamam-Ul-Haq, a former cricketer for Pakistan, comes in third on his list. 32 times in victorious ODI chases, Inzamam remained unbeaten. In his 32 games, the former Pakistani captain has scored 1787 runs. The right-handed batsman has a strike rate of 86.91 and has also scored 3 hundred and 15 fifties in these games.

In a 50-over format, Inzamam’s greatest score while remaining unbeaten was a century of 118 runs. He performed this innings while chasing a 273-run total in a match against Sri Lanka in November 2001.

29 – Jonty Rhodes

Former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes, who has 33 unbroken innings during successful ODI run chases, is ranked second on this list. The right-handed hitter scored 941 runs in these games with an 82.61 strike rate. The former Proteas batsman also has a strike rate of 82.61 and has broken undefeated 5 fifties in successful run chases in One-Day Internationals.

In such games, Jonty’s greatest score was an unbroken 75 runs, which he scored against Sri Lanka in January 2001. While chasing 248 runs, Rhodes scored an unbroken 75 runs to give South Africa the victory.

13 – David Miller and Dinesh Karthik

After he returned to the Indian team and finished first for the group, Dinesh Karthik’s statistics in this category increased. Four of his 13 undefeated runs in run chases came after he returned to the team following the IPL 2022. As opposed to this, David Miller, a middle-order hitter from South Africa, has excelled at this skill for his side and has gone 13 games without losing when attempting to score.

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14. Eoin Morgan

Before declaring his retirement from all international cricket competitions, the former English white-ball captain gave England a few memorable hits. Before he retired, Morgan had experienced a difficult period in his career, although he has made a significant contribution to England’s winning streaks and has gone 14 games without being defeated.

18 Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik, a legend in Pakistan, is at the top of the list because, during his nation’s 18 successful run chases, he never lost. As a result of the all-equal-rounder’s contributions with both the bat and the ball, no one can definitively pinpoint his precise position within the squad.

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