Rohit Sharma Record in ICC Knockout Matches: Key Stats Revealed

Rohit Sharma, the talented Indian cricketer, will undoubtedly be aiming to assume a leadership role and set the tone in the highly anticipated final of the ICC World Test Championship against Australia, scheduled to take place at the historic Oval stadium.

Although his performance during the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) season was not exceptional, it is worth noting that his recent statistics in the longer format of the game, particularly Test cricket, have been notably encouraging.

As the team’s opening batsman, Sharma will bear the weight of expectations on his shoulders as he steps onto the pitch. With his vast experience and innate batting prowess, he will be hoping to deliver a commanding performance with the willow, providing India with a solid foundation right from the outset.

A strong start can often prove to be crucial in setting the momentum and tone of the match, and Sharma’s contributions at the top of the order will be pivotal in shaping India’s prospects in this crucial encounter.

As the stakes are high, Rohit Sharma will need to draw upon his mental strength and technical expertise to overcome the challenges posed by Australia’s formidable bowling attack. However, considering his recent success in Test cricket, Sharma can draw confidence from his ability to adapt and thrive in the longer format of the game.

With a combination of flair and resilience, he will be determined to seize the opportunity and make a substantial impact on the final, striving to give India a solid start and lay the groundwork for a successful batting performance.

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                                                 Why Does this Story Matters?

Firstly, it highlights the prolonged wait for an ICC trophy that the Indian cricket team has endured for the past decade. Despite participating in several high-profile events during this period, India has been unable to clinch a major championship since their victory in the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

This prolonged drought has created a sense of anticipation and eagerness among Indian cricket fans, making every opportunity to claim an ICC title even more significant.

Secondly, the story emphasizes the crucial role of India’s skipper, Rohit Sharma, in ending this trophy drought. As a key member of the team and one of the most accomplished batsmen in world cricket, Sharma’s performance with the bat becomes crucial.

His stellar statistics in ICC knockout matches further enhance the importance of his contribution. With his proven track record in high-pressure situations, there will be heightened expectations for him to excel and lead the team to victory.

Furthermore, Rohit Sharma’s performance in the final of the ICC World Test Championship against Australia holds significance as it represents a unique opportunity for India to secure a prestigious ICC title in the longest format of the game.

The World Test Championship is a highly coveted prize in international cricket, and a victory in this final would not only end India’s trophy drought but also solidify its status as a dominant force in Test cricket.

Overall, this story matters because it captures the hopes and aspirations of Indian cricket fans who are eagerly awaiting an ICC trophy, emphasizes the crucial role of Rohit Sharma in achieving this goal, and highlights the significance of the ICC World Test Championship final as a platform to secure a major title in the longest format of the game.

ICC knockout games’ seventh-highest runs

In 14 ICC knockout games, Rohit has scored 562 runs, averaging 46.83 per game. Two centuries are included in his total. In these games, he has scored runs at a rate that ranks seventh-highest.

On the list of players who have scored more runs than him, Ricky Ponting (731), Sachin Tendulkar (682), Virat Kohli (620), Kumar Sangakkara (597), Sourav Ganguly (580), and Mahela Jayawardene (571) are among them.

A review of his performance in 50-over knockout matches

It’s interesting to note that 337 of the 562 runs have come from knockout games for the ICC Champions Trophy and Cricket World Cup.

He is one of the 19 players in these matches with more than 300 runs scored.

Because he scored the runs in seven games, Rohit averages 56.16.

In the 2015 World Cup quarterfinal against Bangladesh, he recorded his greatest score of 137.

What are his statistics from the T20 World Cup quarterfinals?

In six knockout games in the T20 World Cup, the Indian captain has amassed 161 runs, averaging 40.25, with a top performance of 43. In terms of overall T20 World Cup knockout run totals, Rohit ranks eighth (SR: 135.629).

A review of his only ICC World Test Championship game

Rohit participated in the 2021 ICC World Test Championship final, which India lost to New Zealand. In the first inning, he scored 34, and in the second inning, he scored 30. He was given starts in both innings, but he did not succeed.

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Rohit’s total performance in ICC competitions

Rohit has consistently displayed great performance at ICC events. He has the third-highest run total in these notable competitions.

In 88 ICC tournament games, he has accrued 4,216 points at an average of 49.02. His total includes 20 50s and 13 centuries.

He just trails Kohli (4,503) and Joe Root (5,013), the only other batters with 4,000+ runs along with Rohit.

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