Check out the Best Yorkers of the 2019 CWC! Unplayable Deliveries from the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup

It’s a well-known truth best yorkers of the 2019 CWC that the game of cricket favors batsmen over bowlers, who have little margin for error. Boundaries have shrunk, the bats have grown in size, and as a result, the bowlers must be on their game from the start to keep the run-scoring under control. Even in the 2019 World Cup in England and Wales, they are not expected to have an easy time.

The pitches are expected to be flat, and high scores of over 500 are possible. This is where Yorkers will be a valuable weapon for fast bowlers, especially as the game progresses and hitters begin to throw everything they have at everything.

Even the most powerful leather hitters will struggle to escape the Yorker if bowled with precision. It’s difficult for batters to get under the ball and use their arms to their maximum potential. In this article, we rank all 10 teams based on their bowlers’ ability to hit the Yorker length.

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Jasprit  Bumrah

CWC’s most economical fast bowler and known as YORKER MACHINE. He did a fantastic job, teaming with Shami and Bhuvi to provide India with a devastating pace attack. He’d bowled several match-winning stints and was always economical and wicket-taking.

Jasprit Bumrah, perhaps one of the greatest exponents of the Yorker, has been one of the few reasons behind the Men in Blue’s dominance in limited-overs formats. He’s a captain’s go-to guy who seldom misses a blockhole. Above all, Bumrah is a player who can make a difference at any point throughout the game. His importance becomes even more on flat pitches.

Over the previous several months, Mohammed Shami has gotten more reliable. He used to be inconsistent when he was bowling, and he used to have some mind-blowing periods. He can take wickets even when the batsmen aren’t attacking him, which is one of his specialties. He can get the ball moving quickly and causes batsmen problems. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ability to bowl the Yorker, but he hasn’t looked his best recently.

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Mitchell Starc

Australian Left Arm Fast Bowler was devastating in all phases of the game with his deadly Yorker. With 27 wickets, he broke Glenn Macgraw’s record for most wickets taken in a season.

Mitchell Starc breaks Glenn McGrath’s 12-year world cup record with 27th wicket

He relived his CWC 2015 performance but was unlucky not to be able to assist his side in reaching the Final.

I recall his period against Ben Stokes, who was comfortably established with 89 runs on the board and on the verge of guiding England to victory, but Starc couldn’t make it happen, and a fast reverse Swinging Yorker Knocking at 149 kPH sparked an Australian comeback in that game inputs from

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